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  • Pennakem will introduce ecoXtract during the FIE Conference, 3rd December 2019, Villepinte, Paris

Pennakem will introduce ecoXtract during the FIE Conference, 3rd December 2019, Villepinte, Paris

ecoXtract, has been announced as gold sponsor of the conference that will take place at the Food Ingredients Europe in Paris, France. Norbert Patouillard, Director of Sales& Marketing, will address the audience with a presentation on ‘A new biobased solution for clean label oil and plant proteins’

This year, the show hosted conference program, has a unique innovative character, keeping up with the pace of this era of innovation for the F&B industry, driven by namely changed consumer behavior. As the industry continues to evolve, current emerging trends such as clean label, plant-based, clean meat and sustainability all point to an important common denominator – the health-conscious consumer with a desire for better, sustainably sourced and healthier food options. With ecoXtract®, we are perfectly in line with this behavior change.

Norbert Patouillard says “We propose to help the food industry replace the petro-chemical solvents that are currently used in food processes such as edible oil and protein extraction with more sustainable solutions for future generations. If you want to replace a petro-chemical with something new, the least you need to do is to show that your solution is safe”. And all the benefits of ecoXtract are proving it: it is bio-based, resource saver and low CO₂ footprint, it is suitable for continuous process and allows more than 98% oil recovery. ecoXtract has more importantly a safe toxicological profile and is suitable for organic ingredients.

COSMOS approved, ECOCERT attested and has been just been granted the BioPrefered label (with 100% organic carbon) by the USDA.

For more information, contact Norbert by email or by phone: +33 6 89 71 32 30


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