Field Applications

How can EcoXtract help you?

  • If you produce natural extracts for the pharmaceutical industry, we can help you improve the efficacy and safety of your process by switching to EcoXtract®.
  • If you’re a cosmetics producer or distributor, we can help you develop new, Ecocert®-compliant oils, extracts, fragrances and more, or even work with you to create custom products for your market.
  • If you produce or distribute oils, proteins, oleoresins, fragrances or natural colorings for the food industry, test our solution now in order to be the first on the market as soon as EcoXtract receives approval.
  • If you buy oils and defatted proteins for your food products, contact us to know where to find petrochemical-free, clean label ingredients. Support our project to develop low-carbon, fully renewable processes for the future of our planet. The substitution of all the petrochemicals used for oil and protein extraction could result in a savings of nearly 2 million tons in CO2 emissions each year!
  • If you are a research body, we can sign a cooperation agreement with you, enabling you to explore the exciting opportunities of our innovative technology for all areas of extraction.