EcoXtract® Process Grower

Professional history

Mickaël joined the Minafin group in 2018 and more recently the EcoXtract® project. His main professional motivation: to improve the sustainibility of the extraction and purification units of vegetal products.


Passionate about vegetal and industrial chemistry, Mickaël is an agronomist graduated by AgroParisTech in food process engineering and by AgroCampus Ouest in sustainable plant management. sectors.EcoXtract® 

Because biodiversity is his first ally in the garden, he chooses local plants, vary habitats with meadows, ponds, hedges and combine with wild species. Obsessed with the extraction of natural substances, he prepares a macerate of willow to promote the rooting of his cuttings!

His missions are to design and optimize processes but also to pilot engineering projects from feasibility studies to the commissioning of devices for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biotechnologic sectors.