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Sustainable Recovery of High Added-Value Vanilla Compounds

‘Sustainable recovery of high added-value vanilla compounds from wastewater using green solvents’, an article by Raquel Cañadas, María González-Miquel,* Emilio J. González, Almudena Núñez de Prado, Ismael Díaz and Manuel Rodríguez

Vanillin, the second most demanded flavoring agent after saffron, is a universally natural flavoring compound extensively used to enhance the aroma and flavor of several en-use products.

A spanish research group recently came out with a paper comparing EcoXtract® with other green solvents as alternatives to petroleum solutions. They concluded that EcoXtract® is “proved to be the most efficient sustainable solvent for the recovery of the high added-value phenolic compounds of interest” from aqueous streams.

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