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Our ambition

Redesign the extraction industry using plant-based chemistry technology

Because our company and our collaborators are inspired by the circular economy model, our ambition is to be at the forefront of the decarbonization of our lifestyles to reduce our dependence on petroleum derivatives by developing EcoXtract® technology, a renewable bio-sourced hexane replacement
Through the elimination of petrochemical residues in our food and cosmetics, this game-changing alternative is a major opportunity to build a future that can enable climate recovery, food security, and global health
Our story

Initiated by an intuition, our story continues with passion

The story of EcoXtract® technology begins when Norbert Patouillard joined the Minafin group bringing his network and knowledge of the extraction industry. He quickly found out the potential of methyloxolane as an extraction agent, until then used as a pharmaceutical synthesis solvent
Guided by Norbert's intuition, Anne Gaëlle Sicaire added methyloxolane to her list of 15 green solvents to be tested as hexane alternatives in oilseeds extraction in her doctoral research in partnership with the University of Avignon and the ITERG in France. The initial hypothesis was confirmed : methyloxolane turned out to be the most effective bio-based solvent among those tested
Laurence Jacques became the Managing Director of the EcoXtract project under the umbrella of the Minafin Group. She started putting up together the experts team in charge of developing the R&D, engineering and partner prospection for methyloxolane.
After securing the obtention of IP rights related to the use of methyloxolane in extraction applications, our team started to carry out toxicological research, proof of safety tests and conducted pilot tests to validate the process at larger scale
A 1st industrial-scale plant entered into an industrial partnership with us to validate EcoXtract® process in a plant initially designed for ethanol (ENAT International, Mexico)
New Holland Extraction Ltd (United Kingdom) placed its trust into our solution and adapted its hexane-based plant to be able to run with methyloxolane as extraction agent
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reported that methyloxolane - the biobased solvent behind the EcoXtract® technology - is safe for processing food. This assessment comes as we obtain confirmed results in the industrial-scale use of this alternative extraction solution to hexane
We have a duty to the next generation
I believe that my generation has a duty to the next generation to quickly find solutions to better protect human and environmental health and tackle the climate crisis
The plant extraction industry has a great potential for innovation!
The plant extraction industry is an exciting and very dynamic sector, with great potential for innovation! Beyond that, working in this sector gives you the chance to positively impact on the wellbeing and health of consumers
Improve the sustainibility of the extraction
My main professional motivation: to improve the sustainibility of the extraction and purification units of plant-based products
An exciting day-to-day experience
Developing and promoting bio-based solutions to reduce our dependance on petroleum is an exciting day-to-day experience, even more when it applies to nutrition and personal care markets for which consumers are only expecting the best solutions for their health and the environment
A safe bet for our future
EcoXtract® is a safe bet for our future and working in the team is a passionate journey.
To be a daily actor for the preservation of biodiversity and world heritage
To be aware of the environmental and societal impact of our lifestyle and consumption and to be a daily actor for the preservation of biodiversity and world heritage
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Our collaborators

Meet the team


Laurence JACQUES

Managing Director

Laurence joined Minafin in 2013 and brings 28 years of expertise in the industry to develop the company vision for the future


Ombéline CLAUX

R&D Manager

After her doctoral research on oilseeds extraction using methyloxolane as green solvent at Université of Avignon, Ombéline joined officially the R&D team in July 2022 to expand our scientific knowledge and take it to the next level



Process & Engineering Manager

Since 2018, Mickaël has been managing the design and optimisation of processes, steering engineering projects from feasibility studies to the commissioning of equipment



PR & Communication Manager

With experience in events and communication, Kim develops a communication strategy and strengthens our community network to promote our brand

Our group

For almost 20 years, Minafin has been an international expert in fine chemicals and supports the largest industries, for a better future

Minafin® is an international fine chemicals group founded in 2004 which brings together activities in renewable chemistry, industrial subcontracting, development of chemical synthesis and scaling up of tailor-made processes, as well as the patented of products for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural and technological industries

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