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EcoMeo :
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The product is available in various packaging :  Pail (15.8 kg) – Drum (170 kg) – Bulk

Our plant-based solvent range, EcoMeo, is composed of pure 2-methyloxolane (also called 2-methyltetrahydrofuran, 2-MeOx or 2-MeTHF).

EcoXtract owns several patents which cover the use of 2-methyloxolane (CAS 96-47-9) for the extraction of any biological substrate.

The EcoMeo range is the only 2-methyloxolane which can be sold and used for this application without infringing the EcoXtract patents.

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Manufacturing process

From biomass to a sustainable and safe bio-sourced solvent…

Non-food biomass

The first step consists of recovering lignocellulosic biomass, the most abundant biomass resource available on earth. This biomass can come from multiple renewable feedstock such as corn cobs or sugar cane bagasse


This biomass is transformed by successive acid hydrolysis reactions of hemicellulose from the biomass into furfural, a platform molecule being a renewable building block for various industrial downstream products such as resins and polymers, solvents, lubricants, and fuel additives


Following this intermediate step, the furfural building block is subjected to consecutive hydrogenation processes until the desired molecule is obtained, and further refined to a final purity of >99.9% methyloxolane

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