We have been renewed with COSMOS certification by Ecocert

COSMOS certification allows organic or natural cosmetics to be commercialized worldwide. For cosmetic ingredients producers, EcoXtract® is certified to produce COSMOS natural and COSMOS organic raw materials. This includes a wide range of Physically Processed Agro-Ingredients (PPAI) such as : Vegetable oils Oil-derived ingredients : Lecithin/tocopherol/tocotrienol… Natural pigments : carotenoids/xanthophyll … Perfumery ingredients: absolutes/concretes/resinoïds…  Do […]

Methyloxolane for the extraction of lutein

The present study described an efficient green process to isolate lutein with significantly improved yield (2.56%) and purity (97.33%) over the conventional methods. Based on the results, 2- methyltetrahydrofuran could be a practical green alternative to the traditional toxic solvents for the processing of lutein. Further, the chemical analysis of the essential oil of the […]