Innovative technology

A huge potential in the extraction of vegetable oils, plant-sourced protein, and natural lipophilic molecules

With our technology, our team seeks to address consumers' concerns about their health and the environment with the current interests of producers with respect to efficiency and cost of plant extraction through the development of a safer, cleaner and just as effective bio-sourced alternative solvent

Oilseeds processing​

EcoXtract® provides a hexane-free and highly-efficient processing solution to extract oils and plant proteins safely and sustainably from oilseeds and grains. When compared with all existing solutions that do not involve petrochemical solvents, it appears to be the most suitable alternative solvent for changing the game in oilseeds processing

Natural extracts​

EcoXtract® provides a sustainable and clean solution in the extraction process of oil-soluble ingredients such as aromatic compounds, natural pigments or bioactives with a wide range of applications in food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and flavors & fragrances

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