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EcoXtract®, a plant-based solution for a safe and sustainable extraction of oils & proteins and natural ingredients

About Ecoxtract®

A circular innovation to reduce our dependence on petroleum and to eliminate residues of hydrocarbon from food, feed, and cosmetic chains

Efficient, plant-based and affordable, EcoXtract® enabling technology is the promise of a more sustainable and safer world for consumers and workers
Our bio-sourced extraction solvent allows a sustainable, safe and highly-efficient manufacturing of vegetable oils, protein-rich materials, and lipophilic natural ingredients.

Redesign plant extraction with a safe and eco-efficient process

EcoXtract® has huge potential in the extraction of vegetable oils, plant-sourced protein, and natural lipophilic molecules, replacing toxic extraction agents such as hexane in growing markets that globally use more than a million tons of these petrochemicals per year







EcoXtract® represents a revolution in many ways for our industry. It is the first time ever in the world that a 100% biobased product is recognized as an hexane substitute for use in food processing.

Laurence Jacques

President and CEO

Experts for your success

As a business unit of the international MINAFIN group, EcoXtract® scientific team devotes all its resources to the realization of your extraction projects for applications in the food, feed and personal care industries.

We are a team of experts who have developed extraction technology to enable excellence in environmental performance, technical efficiency and consumer safety in our customers' businesses.

Our entire science-driven staff is there to support you throughout your project with technical knowledge on the use of methyloxolane as an extraction agent, expertise in process engineering and business development.

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