The use of Methyloxolane has been authorized as a substitute for hexane

EUR lex final

The Minafin Group is pleased to announce that the European Parliament and the Council have amended Directive 2009/32/EC to add the methyloxolane to the list of permitted processing aids for the manufacture of food ingredients

Dunkerque – February 9th, 2023 – Methyloxolane is supplied by the Minafin Group under the EcoXtract® brand and is an innovative 100% plant-based solvent for the extraction of oils, vegetable proteins and natural ingredients. It is produced from agricultural co-products such as sugarcane bagasse and does not compete with food production.

The inclusion of this new solution in the European legislation will allow all players in the oilseeds crush and plant extract industry to develop safer and more environmentally friendly ingredients for their customers

Read the full press release in English here

and in French here

The amendment of the Directive can be read here


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