Minafin Group : EcoXtract® subsidiary taken over

The Minafin Group sells its EcoXtract® subsidiary

Laurence Jacques, new President of EcoXtract The Minafin Group founded EcoXtract® to develop an original process for extracting substances of interest to the food industry, independently of its strategic activities in fine chemicals and biobased products. Now that the proof-of-concept has been successfully completed, the Minafin Group has decided to sell the company to enable […]

Viable pathway towards bioeconomy for lipids and biomaterials with spent coffee grounds

Valorization of spent coffee grounds by 2-methyloxolane as bio-based solvent extraction This study attempts to shed light on the efficacy of the solvent 2-methyloxolane (2-MeOx) as an alternative for hexane in defatting spent coffee grounds (SCG). Higher lipid yields were obtained with the bio-based solvent dry 2-MeOx (13.67%) and water-saturated 2-MeOx (15.84%) compared to hexane oil […]

A review of bio-refinery of oilseeds

An MDPI Scientific article in the Processes category, 24 April 2022   The extraction of oil from oilseeds generates large volumes of oilseed by-products rich in proteins, fibres, minerals and secondary metabolites that can be valued. It also provides an overview of alternative solvents and some of the unconventional processes used as a replacement to the conventional extraction […]