Press Release: EcoXtract® wins 2021 Pierre Potier award for its innovative and sustainable bio-based solution for the extraction of lipids, proteins and natural ingredients which contributes to a safer global food supply

Dunkirk, October 20, 2021 – EcoXtract®, a business unit of the Minafin Group, today announces its award of the 2021 Pierre Potier prize. EcoXtract® (2-methyloxolane) received the award for the sustainable solution it proposes for the extraction of oils, proteins and natural ingredients. Contrary to the traditional and reference petro-based solvent largely used by the industry, EcoXtract is […]

Journal of Molecular Liquids- Evaluation of bio-based solvents for phenolic acids extraction from aqueous matrices

EcoXtract® – a solution of choice! The analysis and comparison of eco-friendly extraction methods of phenolic antioxidants (hydroxybenzoic & hydroxycinnamic acids) from aqueous streams using various bio-based solvents (CPME, 2-MeTHF & limonene), are documented in this article. The authors concluded that 2-MeTHF is the best bio-based solvent, giving the highest extraction yields and easy recyclability. […]

2-methyloxolane (2-MeOx) as sustainable lipophilic solvent to substitute hexane for green extraction of natural products

Scientific review: Properties, applications, perspectives ​ Today the world food security depends on hexane, a petrochemical compound. No alternative exists to maximize the oil recovery, produce well defatted high stability protein meal and make the most out of our valuable agricultural resources. Tomorrow, the 2-MeOx will allow to keep all the hexane technical advantages with […]